Tell Your Child's Story

Build a timeline of your child’s special moments to share with family and treasure forever.

Securely Share Key Moments

Trusted by Parents

  • Easily create a timeline of your child’s journey
  • Grandparents will love following those little moments as their loved ones grow
  • Securely store and share your special moments — you choose who to share them with and can change or remove access at any time
  • Secure by design. Communication is encrypted both in transit and in our database
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More than Photos

Tell the Story

Tag photos and people, add comments and build a story around each precious moment you share.

Add new memories whenever you like, either from our app or website.

Create photo books and gifts your family and loved ones will treasure.


Why MySunshine?

MySunshine was built by parents with privacy in mind. We wanted a way to securely share and look back on our child's first moments.

Instant Notifications

Nobody misses out. We keep the whole family informed of new content or activity as often as they wish.

Organise Memories

No more scrolling endlessly, easily tag and search your timeline.

Friendly App

MySunshine is simple for everyone to use and available for the Web, iOS and Android.

High Quality Content

High-quality photos and videos optimised for your device — no blurred photos or waiting around to load.


Best-in-class security by design. All communication is encrypted and your data is stored in an encrypted format as well.

Fast Uploads

Upload multiple photos or videos at once. We support a wide range of file types with no file size limits.

Friends & Family

Stay Connected

MySunshine helps friends and family stay connected with loved ones, no matter where you are.

No more copying to multiple WhatsApp groups or worrying about how social media sites are going to use your content.
One secure place to keep everyone connected.


Track Milestones

They grow up so fast! MySunshine allows you to create milestones out of special moments, from your 3 month scan to their first steps and beyond.

What was their first word or solid food? You can create your own milestones to easily look back on at anytime.

Loved ones you invite will be able to follow along no matter where they are, we send occasional email or app notifications to keep everyone up to date.


What Our Customers Are Saying

MySunshine is brilliant at keeping everyone updated

We love how easy it has been for everyone to access, adding a new photo is now part of our daily routine!

Clare Baker - Somerset

Great Photo Timeline for Charlie

A fantastic way to share photos with family, we wanted to avoid sharing on social media

Jonathan O'Brien - Stockport

We Love MySunshine

We love MySunshine, it will be amazing to look back on as our daughter grows

Anna H. - London

So Easy to Get Started

I gave it a go and was up an running quickly, then the whole family joined in and love it

Helen M. - Manchester

Nice and quick, easy to use

Does exactly what I was looking for and doesn't crash! 5 Star

Holly Lawson - Aberdeen

No more multiple WhatsApp groups

We now have one place to securely share photos and videos that can be easily search, much better!

Francis Patrick - Birmingham


Always secure and with full control over any content you upload.
Create your child's timeline for FREE.

MySunshine Free
£ 0 /mo
  • Free forever
  • All content is 100% owned by you
  • 100 Memories
  • Add photos
  • Add milestones
  • Share with up to 4 people
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MySunshine Premium
£ 3.99 /mo
  • Our supercharged offering
  • All content is 100% owned by you
  • 10,000 Memories
  • Add photos and videos
  • Add milestones
  • Unlimited sharing
  • Higher quality
  • Free delivery on prints*
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Note! Prices may vary from location to location due to local taxation laws and conversion rates from Pound Sterling. *Print products available from June 2022.

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Storing photos and videos is great... but photo sharing apps are not very well suited to keeping everyone informed as your child grows. Too often we upload 100's of photos, but they become hard to find or don't tell the story behind what happened.

MySunshine offers you a free way to keep the wider family connected and build a story around everything that happens along the way.

Privacy is incredibly important to us. We realise you may not want to share the content you upload for just anyone to view. Only the people you explicitly invite can access your child's timeline. You’re in control and can remove access at any time via the app. All content is 100% owned by you and can be permanently removed — including if you ever decide to close your account.

MySunshine is available for FREE! However, the paid plans have several benefits, including additional storage. If you cancel, or your payment method expires, we will downgrade you back to a free account — your memories will not be lost. Upgrade again to continue adding more content!

MySunshine is available on both Android and Apple phones. Each app store has their own standards for which phones are compatible. We will ensure this is always a wide range of phones rather than just the latest ones!

This is something we are building right now! We believe everything you upload is yours, so we are developing tools to make it easy to download not just individual items but everything you've added.
Our standard export features will be free, premium users will also be able to download much larger original quality files.

MySunshine is an easy to use app, you can invite loved ones by sending them a simple link over email, SMS or WhatsApp.
The app will send notifications and even an email summary to help keep everyone updated with what has happened in your child's life recently.

Alice and Kieran built MySunshine after the birth of their son, Leo.
MySunshine's mission is to help parents easily and securely create a timeline of memories to share and look back on.

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